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TechSpace technology solutions leverage industry-leading voice and web tools helping businesses improve operational effectiveness.  Every TechSpace member receives access to a dedicated, fast, secure and reliable connectivity composed of the latest in routing and switching, wireless and security technologies.

All TechSpace locations provide members fully integrated and enterprise-class Cisco Unified Communications offerings.  This enables you to improve productivity, achieve higher security and greater business agility ensuring smoother access for your critical data requirements and higher efficiency overall.

Managing your business will be faster and simpler with TechSpace’s unique platform.  A single IP network delivers voice and data, enabling your organization to collaborate in real time using advanced applications from an integrated and easy to use interface that includes:

Key Features
  • Integrated, unified, or standard voicemail
  • Burstable internet connectivity
  • Isolated, private and highly secure LAN and Wi-Fi network
  • Enterprise IP telephony & call-processing solutions
  • Unique and customizable features including call forwarding, voicemail, and intelligent contact routing
  • Call center capabilities
  • Dedicated mainline phone number professionally answered by a TechSpace member services coordinator

The TechSpace technology platform provides a strong framework which greatly enhances customer connectivity, enables exceptional customer service and supports organizational efficiency. 

We provide the foundation for a rich customer-focused solution so you can:

  • Improve employee productivity, collaboration and overall effectiveness
  • Increase your ability to respond using voice, email and web communications
  • Measure agent performance and increase management effectiveness
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduce communication delays

Your organization's brand and reputation are more important than ever and having the means to connect with your clients is easy at TechSpace.

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