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Your business needs a scalable, secure and fast platform that provides flexibility for all its users, including individuals, companies connecting to the cloud, and enterprise users linking to secure networks all over the world.

With TechSpace, that’s exactly what you’ll get: our technology is engineered specifically for your business. Each member receives access to dedicated, reliable, and fast connectivity featuring the latest in routing and switching, wireless, and security technologies.

Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also gain peace of mind when your company connects to your own dedicated, private, and highly secure VLAN and enterprise Wi-Fi network.

With our unique platform, managing your business is totally simplified. Your organization's brand, reputation and IP are more important than ever, and TechSpace makes it easy to connect with your clients while keeping your data secure.

Key Features
  • Burstable internet connectivity
  • Isolated, private, and highly secure VLAN and Wi-Fi network
  • Enterprise IP telephony & call-processing solutions
Efficiency Results
  • Improve employee productivity, collaboration, and overall effectiveness
  • Increase your ability to respond using voice, email, and web communications
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduce communication delays

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