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TechSpace provides carrier grade burstable internet connectivity of up to 100 megabits per second at each user port to its campus and data center clients via secure a LAN/WAN network.  

The data network is individually scalable and provides each client with encrypted and secure Wi-Fi connectivity throughout each campus.  Built with enterprise-grade Cisco Systems switches, routers and management software, the TechSpace data network allows each user to experience exceptional internet performance. 

End-user experience is constantly monitored from our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center to identify problems before they affect customers resulting in industry-leading uptime.

All Internet traffic within each campus is passed through Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances, ensuring that the latest in available firewall technology is protecting your data communications, delivering enhanced business continuity, cost savings and increased employee productivity. 

Every TechSpace client is given their own dedicated and segmented VLAN.  Regardless if a company’s employees are located in separate suites or separate floors, employee computers remain connected together while maintaining the highest level of security including Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Each VLAN can also be extended to a rack within our Data Center, providing local and direct access to servers over a secure and private connection, providing extremely fast access directly from desktops within the campus offices.

Our Internet pipes are the largest available for a commercial office environment, with 1 Gigabit per second access to the Internet delivered over a high capacity fiber optic network, delivering an ultra-fast, smooth and reliable connection to your end-users, and ensures full-speed access even during peak usage periods.

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