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    Fully Integrated Technology

    Your business needs a scalable, secure and fast platform that provides flexibility for all its users, including individuals, companies connecting to the cloud, and enterprise users linking to secure networks all over the world.

    With TechSpace, that’s exactly what you’ll get: our technology is engineered specifically for your business. Each member receives access to dedicated, reliable, and fast connectivity featuring the latest in routing and switching, wireless, and security technologies.

    Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also gain peace of mind when your company connects to your own dedicated, private, and highly secure VLAN and enterprise Wi-Fi network.

    With our unique platform, managing your business is totally simplified. Your organization's brand, reputation and IP are more important than ever, and TechSpace makes it easy to connect with your clients while keeping your data secure.

    Fully Integrated Technology

    Data Network

    Your company can only be as effective and efficient as the data network your employees rely on to communicate. Enter TechSpace - our Internet pipes are the largest available for a commercial office environment, with Gigabit access to the Internet delivered over a high capacity fiber optic network. Your end-users receive an ultra-fast, smooth, and reliable connection, with full-speed access ensured even during peak usage periods giving your employees the best user experience possible.

    The TechSpace data network is built with enterprise-grade routers and management software to guarantee exceptional Internet performance. Individually scalable, the network provides each client with encrypted and secure Wi-Fi connectivity throughout each campus, whether your company’s employees are located in separate suites, different floors, or right next to each other.

    It may sound complicated, but the TechSpace setup is simplified to fulfill your company’s full scope of data needs. The possibilities for growth are virtually endless.

    Data Network

    Voice Systems

    Communication is key – nowhere is that more evident than with your phone system. TechSpace offers Cisco Systems’ Call Manager, a scalable platform used worldwide for seamless voice call processing.

    Our system provides a dedicated mainline phone number answered by a professional TechSpace receptionist who can screen and transfer your calls, helping you avoid distraction and giving your callers a reliable platform to ensure their messages reach you.Key features include our Personalized Web Portal – in which you can easily establish or change settings such as voicemail options and security codes – and our voicemail to email feature, which allows you to receive voicemails as recordings directly to your email inbox to help you avoid constantly checking in for important voicemails.

    Streamline collaboration and customer experience with our powerful phone system platform. Your business presence will be more effective than ever before, and you’ll never have to worry about dropped calls or a bad cell connection again.

    Voice Systems