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Shared Office Spaces Attract Top Talent

Whether you’re launching a start-up, running a successful mid-size business, or managing a large Fortune 500 company, you have one thing in common - the desire to hire the top talent. With more intelligent, hard-working, creative job seekers than ever on the market, business owners need to think out of the box when it comes to attracting talent.

Office space plays a vital role in these efforts. Shared office spaces – also known as coworking spaces, which refer to multiple companies or businesses sharing space in one building – are not for everyone, but more and more companies are using coworking space for their corporate headquarters or satellite office. Shared office spaces offer advantages that can specifically appeal to top talent in a multitude of industries.

  • Coworking makes it easier for teams to closely communicate for collaborative efforts.
  • The coworking environment is energetic and dynamic, allowing employees to feed off each other’s energy.
  • Being a shared office space, employees can also be creatively energized by the other start-ups and businesses in the building.

Fresh Appeal

With more and more young people entering the workforce, companies need to consider what will appeal to them. Location – which is always a crucial factor – also encompasses amenities, which includes everything from cafés and gyms to a walkable downtown with shops and restaurants. Companies like TechSpace understand the value of this; TechSpace Austin features access to a fitness center and locker rooms available to all TechSpace members, while TechSpace Westwood in LA is a just a short walk away from Westwood Village and UCLA, which is perfect for alumni who need to quickly commute from an office space to the university lab.

Physical location of the office isn't everything, though. Companies need to set themselves apart with the design and aesthetic of their office space to attract talented workers. All types of employers (not just creative firms or those in the tech industry) can benefit by crafting the workspace into a continuation of their culture.

Productivity and Privacy

The work environment in general is important not only to attract great employees but also to keep your employees happy. Inc points out two seemingly opposing factors that coexist in shared office spaces: a high value placed on collaboration and inclusivity, as well as the need for quiet spaces that encourage focused thinking.

A way to keep your employees productive and focused when utilizing shared office spaces is to choose a shared space that features both open spaces for people to work together easily and effectively and small rooms for private conversations, solo calls, and meetings that call for extra concentration.

Coworking spaces like TechSpace account for this with many rooms in a variety of sizes, from large conference rooms for big meetings to small chat rooms for employees to work as a team to even smaller phone booths that are specifically intended for taking calls privately.

The Future of Working

We aren’t the only ones who recognize that shared office spaces are the future of office life. Forbes has also noticed that millennials are loving working in shared office spaces. They name a few major reasons for this, including opportunities for networking, smaller lease commitments, urban locations, and the millennial resistance to traditional offices.

Many factors play into attracting and keeping top talent, from flexibility to work from home one day a week to encouraging a healthy work/life balance to offering amazing benefits - not to mention a workplace that thrives on trust and respect for all employees. But don’t leave the office itself out of the equation. When looking to cultivate a growing workforce, consider the benefits that shared office spaces bring to your ability to attract the best candidates in your field.

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