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The Rise of Coworking in Austin

New Ways To Work

Since people have been working in offices, there have been trailblazers searching for different ways to structure the workplace. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but it’s undoubtedly true that innovators are always looking for different ways to engage with their environments. Naturally, that extends to the work environment. Enter coworking in Austin, stage right!

In a nutshell, coworking is the practice of shared workspaces. Multiple unrelated organizations work in the same building, often utilizing the operator’s administrative functions. In today’s modern and ever-changing office world, one of the fastest growing alternatives to a traditional office space is coworking spaces.

The coworking industry has become a global phenomenon! Around 2008-2010, more operators joined the market, but in recent years the industry has just exploded. According to Emergent Research, over 1000 new coworking spaces opened in the second half of 2018 – almost half of which are located in the U.S. TechSpace, one of the first operators in the coworking space industry, was established in 1997.

TechSpace Austin is located in the heart of downtown, making it very accessible to those commuting from other parts of the city. Members get to enjoy views of Lady Bird Lake and the SoCo Bridge; stay past sundown and you can watch our infamous bats fly out from underneath!

Austin continues to stand out as one of the fastest growing cities in the country, especially in the tech world. In 2018, Austin was named the third largest tech city in the U.S! With the influx of people coming in each day, the need for workspace is snowballing. Our population consists of massive amounts of millennials; everyone is young and eager to focus their energies!

The University of Texas is located in the heart of downtown Austin, which contributes to this high percentage of millennials jumping into the workforce. Coffee shops used to be the go-to place to work, with their free WiFi, a cup of joe, and great people-watching. Of course that’s fun, and small talk with baristas helps the time fly by, but coworking in Austin is the newest desired form of workplace for those not ready to invest in personal private office space.

Who Uses Coworking Spaces?

So, where do coworking spaces fit into the grand tradition of office spaces? The way people work and want to work has changed over the years with the increased capabilities of technology. In order to attract top talent and younger demographics, many companies are ditching traditional spaces in favor of the more flexible coworking model.

What kinds of companies are best served by coworking spaces? Those in many industries, including both start-ups and established companies, are quite well-suited for coworking in Austin. Our location is home to a variety of companies, everything from an apparel company to tech to oil and gas; age and demographics span a wide variety as well. Our technical platform sells itself; private VLANs (part of our superior technology infrastructure) for each company is a huge positive. Each company who moves into our site enjoys not only our culture but also the spaciousness of each individual suite.

Coworking Space Considerations

As with any major decision, there are important factors to think about when choosing a coworking space. First, look at the size of the office spaces and compare them when looking at other operators. All five-person offices are not equal! Some operators, like TechSpace, have more spacious suites, so what is listed as a five-person office could actually fit up to seven depending on how much space you feel each of your employees actually needs!

You also must consider whether or not the space has room for your company to grow. You may only need a small office now, but as your company scales, can they scale your office space? Customer service is important, too: not all operators are equal when it comes to helping their members. Make sure you will get the support you need for your business!

Coworking and Community

Employees thrive in coworking spaces due to the creative, inspiring architectural designs of the spaces themselves, as well as floor plans maximized for productivity, and of course a flourishing community of like-minded individuals.

At TechSpace Austin, our location was designed to emulate the unique and vibrant features of our city. As soon as you enter the site you are welcomed by enormous windows, natural light, and brightly colored wall décor. We have an open concept in our common area, encouraging member collaboration in various forms. Each office and conference room is unique and filled with custom features. Our ambiance alone sets us apart from other office spaces.

TechSpace Austin members have another bonus, too: the gym located inside our garage at 111 Congress grants members free access and use of showers, lockers, and bike racks.


Speaking of our members, how good is coworking in Austin for networking? Well, coworking is the ideal environment for networking! Coworking and community go hand-in-hand because people want to be with people, but they also want to be in an environment where they can succeed and get their work done. Coworking puts those two together, pairing a wide variety of types of people with an environment conducive to trying to accomplish one’s goals.

Our community at TechSpace Austin is very relaxed and easygoing; members are here to get work done, but that doesn’t mean they won’t stop for a quick chat about how their day is going. We have a very diverse community and make sure each member feels welcomed and comfortable in their workspace.

Culture of Coworking in Austin

“TechSpace Austin has a very unique and sought-after culture in comparison to our fellow coworking sites in the city. As soon as you walk in, you feel a wave of zen overcome you. Our members are very laid-back and respectful of one another and to the site itself. Our members are here to accomplish their work and any work-related priorities first and you can really see this when entering the site. Our atmosphere is conducive and allows each member to engage with minimal distractions. We keep a light and fun energy by hosting events or happy hours to encourage internal engagement. ” – Courtney Shomaker, site manager at TechSpace Austin

Other Uses For Coworking Spaces

Coworking in Austin isn’t just for large companies or start-ups, though. What other uses can coworking spaces provide? Many coworking spaces, including TechSpace, provide on-demand conference rooms for members AND non-members. Our largest room (Travis County, pictured to the right) is uniquely designed, with custom furniture pieces and light fixtures to emulate Austin’s distinctive charm. It’s the most sought-after room to host any meeting, whether by our members or off-campus clients who need meeting space.

For those who are working at home but need to meet clients in a professional environment, coworking spaces are an ideal option. At TechSpace, you can book meeting spaces in a variety of sizes by the hour. Virtual services such as mailing addresses, call answering by a professional receptionist, and/or a business phone number are all available.

Members at TechSpace Austin do get to enjoy a variety of exclusive amenities and features. A much-loved feature is our six phone booths. These are free to our members, allowing a quick escape to host a conference call, Skype call, or any private matter. We also have two parking garages on-site, which is a big bonus in Austin. Members are able to purchase parking spaces with 24-hour access, monitored by our building security.

Our Coworking Predictions

So what’s in store for the future of coworking? Since the industry is expected to continue to grow in popularity through 2023, a few predictions include:

  • The demand for coworking will continue to rise as more and more large companies choose to forgo some or all of their traditional offices and move to the more flexible coworking model.
  • Partnerships will continue to form from a building owner/operator standpoint.
  • Some of the larger coworking operators may start acquiring some of the more successful smaller ones, like the recent Industrious TechSpace acquisition.

Is coworking in Austin the right path for your start-up or company? Learn more about why TechSpace’s coworking offices can be the right fit for your business!

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