All TechSpace campuses offer the perfect balance of privacy and community with modern offices and spacious common areas making them dynamic coworking and private office spaces for every business. Each campus is uniquely designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from freelancers to small business owners, Fortune 500’s, and corporate team spaces for up to 75 people. Every office space is also fully-furnished, scalable, and pre-wired so we can get your company up and running in a matter of hours. If you’re looking for a collaborative workspace that’s convenient, flexible, and productive on day one, we’ve got you covered from New York to San Francisco.

New York

Known as a fast-paced global power city, New York City exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment.
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Los Angeles

With 284 sunny days per year on average and an enviable lifestyle right by the Pacific Ocean and the bright lights of Hollywood, Los Angeles continues to thrive as an attractive startup destination and business hub.
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Orange County

With its picture perfect beaches, the magic of Disneyland, manicured towns, and a luxury lifestyle, ‘The OC’ is a California icon bursting with personality, creativity, education, and growth: all things that create innovation and attract businesses.
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San Francisco

Home of Silicon Valley, not to mention most of America’s venture capitalists (VCs), the San Francisco Bay Area continues to be a mecca for startups, tech companies, and businesses of all sizes.
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With its lower cost of living, high quality of life, growing cultural scene, and a plethora of university educated talent, Austin continues to shine as a top business destination.
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America’s fourth biggest city by population has a lot going for it. From its well-known oil and gas industries to manufacturing, aeronautics, and transportation, the city is a leader in both oilfield equipment and healthcare, and home to an impressive number of Fortune 500 companies.
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