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Coworking in VersatileAliso Viejo

TechSpace Aliso Viejo

65 Enterprise, 3rd Floor,

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656



| 949.389.5800

For a coworking space your employees will truly appreciate, look no further than Aliso Viejo in Orange County. Our shard office spaces are flexible to meet a variety of needs, with a gorgeous contemporary design aesthetic to encourage and amplify both creativity and productivity.

Features At TechSpace Aliso Viejo

Flexible Offices

Encompassing two floors with over 50,000 square feet, this is the ideal location for companies looking for a flexible office space in South Orange County's flourishing tech area. Our Aliso Viejo campus boasts compelling design elements, including large windows with tons of natural light and impressive garden and mountain views. Whether you're brainstorming with the team, deep diving into analytics, or blocking out everyone with headphones on, our energetic coworking office space environment provides the perfect atmosphere to creatively recharge you and your team.

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Office Suites

We provide companies with a turnkey, flexible office space solution with flexible terms and cool environments without sacrificing productivity. Our sleek and spacious suites allow growing companies to maintain a productive work environment that most coworking spaces cannot provide.

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Conference Rooms

On-demand conference rooms are must for every business. From important presentations to meetings with key stakeholders, our sleek conference rooms are the perfect place to do so. TechSpace member or not, need a conference room? We offer 8 on-demand conference rooms ranging in size from 6-45 people.

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Tech Platform

Your technology platform is important to your business.  TechSpace's premier technology platform includes private data networking, burstable bandwidth, and a dedicated enterprise-class Wi-Fi so you can rest assure your IP is secure. Our technology is engineered specifically for your business. Each member receives access to dedicated, reliable, and fast connectivity featuring the latest in routing and switching, wireless, and security technologies. Your organization's brand, reputation and IP are more important than ever, and TechSpace makes it easy to connect with your clients while keeping your data secure.

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All-Inclusive Premium Amenities

Workspace Amenities

24/7 Access

Conference Rooms

Event Space

Full Kitchen

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Building Amenities

Car Wash / Car Repair
EV Charging Stations
Free Parking
Near Restaurants and Shopping
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Availability & Pricing

Private Office Suites

An enclosed private office for teams of 1- 75+. Move-in ready, fully furnished with access to shared amenities, our technology platform and common spaces.

Virtual Office

Need a business presence for your small business in your local area? Our Virtual Space offerings provide a complete business identity solution for startups and small businesses looking for a great business image at a fraction of the cost.

Conference Rooms

On-demand conference rooms are must for every business. Whether you need to give an important presentation, meet with key stakeholders, or have an intense brainstorm session, you can comfortably do so in one of our fully-equipped, modern conference rooms. With everything you need and nothing you don’t, our conference rooms are the dynamic spaces you need to make the most out of your presentations, pitches, meetings, and more. TechSpace member or not, need a conference room?

Explore the Aliso Viejo Space

Take a 3D Tour to see all the cool, unique office spaces TechSpace Aliso Viejo has to offer!

Your TechSpace Aliso Viejo Team

Team member
Alexandra Fabarez
Member Services Coordinator
Alexandra Fabarez is the Member Services Coordinator at TechSpace Aliso Viejo. Prior to TechSpace, she worked as a full-time nanny for five years. While there, she discovered her love for serving people & making clients feel "at home." When she is out of the office, you can find Alexandra trying new coffee shops, serving at her church, or golfing with her husband.
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Team member
Kathy Huynh
Member Services Representative
Kat is the Member Services Representative at TechSpace Aliso Viejo. Outside of the office, you can find her attending baseball games at Angel Stadium, trying out new restaurants in town, or planning her next adventure or traveling.
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Hot Spots In Aliso Viejo

We get it - sometimes your day needs a little something extra. From out-of-this-world dining to intriguing places to find inspiration, our Orange County Aliso Viejo office space has you covered. If a little retail therapy is in order, our Orange County office space puts your team walking distance from retail shops and restaurants. Have clients in from out of town? Our location is near various top tier Laguna Beach and Aliso Viejo hotels, fabulous restaurants and entertainment.

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Situated near Irvine, Mission Viejo, Laguna Beach, and other beautiful Orange County neighborhoods, our Aliso Viejo office space boasts modern design elements your employees will love. From large enterprise companies to newly established startups, TechSpace Aliso Viejo can support the needs of your growing business. With fully-furnished flexible office spaces and coworking, TechSpace Aliso Viejo is the ideal solution for companies looking for a flexible office space option. We are Orange County's coworking hotspot for companies in technology, social media, PR, marketing agencies, real estate, e-commerce, gaming fields and more. For more on TechSpace Aliso Viejo and its influence on office and coworking spaces in Orange County, check out our post on the rise and role of coworking in Aliso Viejo.