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    Are Coworking Spaces in Orange County Worth It?

    Whether you’re launching a start-up, growing a mid-size company, or contemplating new ways to expand an enterprise corporation in Orange County, a coworking space could be just the thing your business needs. It’s true: coworking spaces have a great deal to offer virtually every type of business out there!

    Start-ups and small companies will benefit from the lack of capital needed, as coworking spaces are much more flexible with regard to leasing. In most instances, traditional office spaces operate using fixed, long-term leases – often as long as six years! A growing business may not know where they will be in six months, let alone six years. Businesses of all sizes will also appreciate the broad range of space solutions, absolute ease at which scaling is possible, and the modern, architecturally intriguing designs of the spaces themselves.

    Are Coworking Spaces in Orange County Worth It?

    Benefits of Coworking in Orange County

    The benefits of coworking in Orange County are numerous. Employees thrive in the coworking environment because the physical spaces themselves are maximized for productivity, collaboration, and community-building. If employees are not feeling particularly creative or inspired with their own work on any given day, all it takes is a short visit with a neighboring company to get a shot of energy that might just fuel the next great innovation!

    Another huge benefit to coworking spaces in Orange County is the flexibility available. Your company may only have four employees now, but if you gain another two clients and start adding employees, it’s remarkably easy to scale at a coworking space. However, if you were operating out of a traditional office, not only would you have to locate a new office, you’d have to finish out the lease at your current office before you could even move.

    But flexibility isn’t just about leases. Today’s employees are also focused on optimizing work/life balance with flexible working spaces, including the ability to work from home. A coworking space can more easily accommodate non-traditional means and methods of working, which can be key to attracting the best candidates for the job.

    Benefits of Coworking in Orange County

    How Much Does Shared Office Space Cost in Orange County?

    Shared office space can make a lot of financial sense for every level of business, not just start-ups. Whether your large company is looking to shake some bottom line bloating or your small company needs a flexible space to grow, shared office spaces in Orange County can be vital to finding a home for your business. Pricing in Orange County averages around $650 for a 1-person interior private office. At TechSpace, we can help you find the perfect space that works within your budget.

    (All prices reflect per month and are average starting amounts subject to change.)

    How Much Does Shared Office Space Cost in Orange County?


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