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    Coworking In VibrantAustin, Texas

    TechSpace Austin

    98 San Jacinto Blvd., 4th Floor,

    Austin, TX 78701



    | 512.664.2000

    Our dynamic coworking space in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas is the perfect setting for a growing business to flourish. The modern workplace necessitates collaboration, where the common areas and conference rooms in our coworking space are the perfect places to brainstorm and buckle down.

    Features At TechSpace Austin

    Vibrant Design

    Situated in the heart of Downtown Austin in the central business district, our supercharged and modern furnished office suites are ideal for entrepreneurs, startups, enterprise clients, and other small to mid-size businesses. Enjoy dedicated conference rooms and numerous lounge areas for a workplace experience that is sure to encourage productivity as much as creativity.

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    Scalable Offices

    We provide companies with a turnkey office space solution full of community with flexible terms and cool environments without sacrificing productivity. Our sleek and spacious suites allow growing companies to maintain a productive work environment that most coworking spaces cannot provide.

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    Conference Rooms

    Whether you need to give an important presentation, meet with key stakeholders, or brainstorm with a specific department, you can comfortably do so in our sleek, modern conference rooms. TechSpace member or not, need a conference room? We have 3 conference rooms that can each seat 4-8 people.

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    Tech Platform

    Your technology platform is important to your business.  TechSpace's premier technology platform includes private data networking, burstable bandwidth, and a dedicated enterprise-class Wi-Fi so you can rest assure your IP is secure. Our technology is engineered specifically for your business. Each member receives access to dedicated, reliable, and fast connectivity featuring the latest in routing and switching, wireless, and security technologies. Your organization's brand, reputation and IP are more important than ever, and TechSpace makes it easy to connect with your clients while keeping your data secure.

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    All-Inclusive Premium Amenities

    Workspace Amenities

    24/7 Access

    Conference Rooms

    Event Space

    Fresh Coffee & Tea

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    Building Amenities

    Bike Racks
    Fitness Center & Locker Rooms
    Near Restaurants and Shopping
    On-Site Restaurant

    Availability & Pricing

    Private Office Suites

    An enclosed private office for teams of 1-75+. Fully-furnished, move-in ready with access to shared amenities, our advanced technology platform, on-demand conference rooms and a variety of common spaces.

    Conference Rooms

    On-demand conference rooms are must for every business. Whether you need to give an important presentation, meet with key stakeholders, or have an intense brainstorm session, you can comfortably do so in one of our sleek, modern conference rooms. With everything you need and nothing you don’t, our conference rooms are the dynamic spaces you need to make the most out of your presentations, pitches, meetings, and more. TechSpace member or not, need a conference room?


    Need to get out of the home office for a couple of hours or days during the week? Our FlexSpace option provides you with the following:

    Virtual Office

    Need a business presence for your small business in your local area? Our Virtual Space offerings provide a complete business identity solution for startups and small businesses looking for a great business image at a fraction of the cost.

    Explore the Austin Space

    Take a 3D Tour to see all the cool, unique office spaces Techspace Austin has to offer!

    Your TechSpace Austin Team

    Alix Dyer
    Community Manager
    Alix is the Community Manager at TechSpace Austin and holds a BA in International Business with a minor in Philosophy from Washington State Univerity, and an AA from St. Mary's College in North Carolina. Prior to TechSpace, she worked in high-end retail management. Alix believes in connections and the ability to overcome any objection with a smile and compromise. When she is not at work you can find her enjoying her two young kiddos and their activities, on a day hike, being a couch potato or enjoying Thai food.
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    Anna Clouse
    Member Services Coordinator
    Anna is the Member Services Coordinator at TechSpace Austin. Previously, she managed operations at a local interior design firm. Outside of the office, Anna enjoys exploring Austin - whether that be kayaking on Town Lake with her dog Kate, discovering new hiking trails, or finding the best queso in town. Anna holds a degree in Psychology and and has a true passion for people and making a difference in the world.
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    Hot Spots In Downtown Austin

    We get it - sometimes your day needs a little something extra. From out-of-this-world BBQ to intriguing places to find inspiration, our downtown Austin coworking space has you covered. If a little retail therapy will help break up the day, our Austin office space puts you and your team within minutes of dozens of the city’s most unique retail shops. Have clients in from out of town? Our prime downtown location is near a plethora of top tier Austin hotels to choose from, so your clients can walk to your meeting. Sounds nice, right?

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    • FUN
    • HOTELS

    Book Coworking Space In Austin

    With our vibrant coworking space in Austin, Texas, your business won't just grow, it will thrive in the heart of downtown Austin. Modern business demands collaboration, so start taking advantage of our coworking space in Austin by brainstorming with coworkers in one of our many common spaces or book a conference room to really buckle down and get work done with your team. Tired of looking at the back of your coworker's head? No worries, at TechSpace Austin you'll be inspired by the stunning city views from our windows and if you need to really focus, we have private office WiFi at incredible speeds so you stream music and accomplish your work distraction-free. No matter how much office space you or your employees need, you'll find the perfect coworking space to do it in our dynamic flexible office environment. For more on TechSpace and its influence on office and coworking spaces in Texas, check out our post on the rise and role of coworking in Austin.