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Thrive in the heart of downtown Austin with the vibrant coworking space at TechSpace Austin. Brainstorm with coworkers in one of the many common spaces, get inspired with the stunning city views, or block the world out with headphones and get down to brass tacks in a private office. No matter what your employees need to do, they'll find the perfect space to do it in our dynamic office environment.

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Curated Space

Situated in the heart of the Central Business District, TechSpace Austin occupies 20,000 square feet of shared coworking space on the fourth floor in one of the city's premier locations near the north bank of the Colorado River. Our supercharged and furnished modern office suites are ideal for entrepreneurs, tech startups, enterprise clients, and many other small to midsize businesses. Enjoy dedicated conference rooms and numerous lounge areas for a workplace experience that is sure to encourage productivity as much as creativity.

Local Austin Goodness

We get it - sometimes your day needs a little something extra. From out-of-this-world dining to intriguing places to derive inspiration from, we've got you covered.


Think the Four Seasons but with office space - customer service at its finest! Whether you need help ordering office supplies, catering a lunch meeting, or booking a conference room, our concierge staff always satisfies the needs of our members.


All TechSpace locations offer standard perks such as conference rooms, a member center, 24/7 access, and our premier technology platform, but each one has its own exclusive features too. At Austin, enjoy snack bar Fridays, free coffee and tea, monthly member happy hours and free access to a fitness center across the street with locker rooms.


Fully scalable and interconnecting creative office spaces are paired with TechSpace's premier technology platform, private data networking, burstable bandwidth, and enterprise-class Wi-Fi. TechSpace helps you manage the day-to-day details so you can better manage your business.


The value of a conference room cannot be overstated. Whether you need to give an important presentation, meet with key stakeholders, or brainstorm with a specific department, you can comfortably do so in our sleek, modern conference rooms. With everything you need and nothing you don’t, our conference rooms are the dynamic spaces you need to make the most out of your presentations, meetings, and more. TechSpace member or not, need a conference room? Click here to request a room.

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Explore the DOWNTOWN space

Check out all the beautiful and unique shared office and coworking space options our Austin location has to offer.

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All private offices come fully-furnished with access to our best in class technology platform.

Virtual Services Starting from $50
Flexspace Starting from $250
1 Person Starting from $900
2 People Starting from $1450
3-4 People Starting from $2150
5-7 People Starting From $3400
8-9 People Starting From $5050
11-20 People Starting from $7250