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  • Why Business Owners Should Be Thankful
    Industry News

    Why Business Owners Should Be Thankful

    This is the perfect time of year to count your blessings and focus on what you are truly thankful for. If you are lucky enough to work for yourself, one blessing that should be on the list is your small business or startup. Regardless of the late nights, endless to-do lists and moments where all seem to be lost, it is pretty awesome running your own business, isn’t it? We are highlighting a few reasons why every business owner should be thankful this season, as well as how to express appreciation to those who matter most.

    1. You are passionate about what you do

    We have all had a job that made us question our purpose in life. Dull and unrelated to our passions, this type of position can suck the life out of you and make going into work every day dreadful. On the contrary, when you have created your own business, every aspect of your day revolves around something you are passionate about. You are working towards a goal that is important to you. This should energize you and be a reminder that your business is something to be thankful for – because even through the toughest times, you get to share what you love with your customers.

    To thank your customers around the holidays, little things go a long way. Send a thank you card showing your appreciation for their business, offer a small “thank you discount”, or give a free gift with purchase.

    2. Flexible schedules

    We’ll admit some have it better than others in this department, but the bottom line remains: you call the shots. If you need to leave and pick up your kids from school at the drop of a hat, you are able to without answering to your boss, because, well, you are the boss. You work tirelessly so you are able to enjoy the time you take off more. Balancing your work life with your home life is important because the time you take off will rejuvenate you and make work more productive upon returning.

    To show your employees gratitude, try to be flexible with their time this holiday season. Allow time off for Thanksgiving so they can also enjoy time with family. After all, happy employees equal a happy business!

    3. You are the artist

    Have you ever imagined yourself doing a stellar job in someone else’s role at your company? Well as a business owner, now is your time to shine! You are able to shape how everything works, from company culture to customer service – and that is something to be thankful for. By being so involved in every aspect of your business, you have the ability to make a huge difference in your customers’ lives. Making an impact in someone’s life makes this whole crazy operation worthwhile.

    How can you thank yourself this Thanksgiving? Begin by simply counting your blessings and focusing on all of the positive in your life. Without you, the company would not be around, and without your vision and hard work driving it, things would likely begin to fall apart. Treat yourself to something special this holiday season and remind yourself why you do all that you do. There are pros and cons to every career path, but the fulfillment of owning and operating your own business will always be a reason to be thankful.

    Finally, on behalf of all the TechSpace staff, we would like to thank you – all of the businesses within our walls. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your vision and company culture. We are forever grateful for your trust and hope to continue to be a part of your business’s growth. Without you, we would not be here, so from one business to another, thank you for all that you do!