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    Thinking of Becoming an Entrepreneur?

    Thinking of Becoming an Entrepreneur?

    There are many major decisions to be made before deciding if starting a new business is the right choice for you. Here are a few tips to be mindful of before embarking on the journey that is entrepreneurship.

    1. Location, Location, Location: As a start-up, it may be difficult to generate the funds necessary to find office space. With new businesses, it is important to seek office space that maximizes value with minimal overhead. TechSpace provides an opportunity for newly developed businesses to capitalize on the amenities of a large corporation without reaping the costs associated with these luxuries. Our seven office space locations are strategically placed in major cosmopolitan cities which allows for maximum visibility so your new business can thrive.
    2. Networking– and not just socially: Many start-up success stories are founded upon “they knew someone who knew someone” principle. Seeking opportunities to collaborate and network with new people can often times be the catalyst for your business’ growth. Each newfound relationship breeds new insights, ideas and even channels that can benefit you and the business. In a creative flex space environment, the opportunity to establish new business relationships with like-minded professionals is endless.
    3. Don’t just identify competitors, search for areas of improvement:  Identification of competitors is a key factor in the success of your new venture; however competitors are also a major barrier between you and an acquisition of a new customers. Often times, our creative minds are sent to a jarring halt after realizing our idea (or a similar idea) is already out in the marketplace. Competition is a chance to foster innovation and growth. Utilize this opportunity to identify attributes of your product or service that can improve the quality and/or efficacy of goods and services currently offered in the market.

    An office space environment like TechSpace is full of inventive entrepreneurs, which can provide a creative atmosphere generating new ideas, better products and new business ideas.