Tips for Staying Fit at the Office (1)

Tips for Staying Fit at the Office

Most people spend their entire day sitting at a desk and working at their computers or answering phones. Even if you do make time for working out in the morning or evening, sitting in one place for so long isn’t good for your health. If you can’t leave the office, hopefully these tips will help you at least improve your effort to stay fit in 2018.

Tips on Staying Fit at the Office

Summertime Fun in the Office

Stop longingly staring out the window, thinking of all the things you could be doing and bring the sunshine and summer vibes into your space! Here are some fun ways to have your cake and eat it too by enjoying summer activities in your workplace.

Mojoose header

mJoose-The Case for Better Coverage

MoJoose, Inc. a California-based accessory designer and manufacturer, ensures smartphone users stay connected by solving the world-wide weak cell signal challenge. Their patented breakthrough signal-amplifying technology helps deliver a reliable cellular connection with every call. The smallest, most affordable signal-amplifying device of its kind, mJoose picks up where a regular cell signal ends.

wooter startup field day

Wooter Start-Up Field Day

By Alex Kagan, Co-founder of Wooter Start-Up Field Day by Wooter At Wooter, our mission is to unite people and startups through sports. Wooter is a sports marketplace, helping people find leagues, courts and other activities in their area. Users can filter through many different options and find a league that’s right for them. People…

startup story

Every Startup Has A Story: What’s Yours?

The power of a story – this is an often overlooked yet irreplaceable marketing tool for startups or any business. Although we live in a world of immediate gratification, some customers still take the time to learn about a company’s entire offering, so give them something more to love by telling what makes your company unique.

3 ways to relax more this summer

Entrepreneurs: Tips to Relax More This Summer

Entrepreneurs typically don’t work 9-5. You are most likely working as many hours as you can and don’t take the time to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer months. With this in mind, we came up with three tips to help entrepreneurs relax a little more this summer.

Collaborative office space
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evolution of office space

The Evolution of Office Space Design

Vibrant accent walls, floor to ceiling windows, open, collaborative spaces, modern furniture – today’s office space would be unrecognizable to those of the past. Companies no longer call windowless white walls and fluorescent lighting home, as corporate giants like Google and Facebook raise the standard for contemporary office space.