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  • Summertime Fun in the Office

    Summertime Fun in the Office

    Whether your company is in a shared office space or large corporate building, there are many ways to bring summer fun into the office. Stop longingly staring out the window thinking of all the things you could be doing and bring those summer vibes right into your space! Here are a few ways to have your cake and eat it too by enjoying summer activities in your workplace.


    There are many ways to pull this one off. You can make every effort to impress and find an outdoor area nearby the office to grill up some goods in the sunshine, or simply cater delicious food and setup in a conference room. Either way, the summer vibes will be tough to fight off while your chomping down on your favorite barbecue with good company.

    Ice Cream!

    This is an easy trick that goes a long way. Grab some tubs of ice cream, a few fun toppings and get people together for a relaxing (and yummy) break to cool off.  Your employees will appreciate the socialization time and may foster more positive work relationships, which is always a good thing.


    Sometimes a little music can fix everything – even the FOMO we office dwellers experience during sunny summer months. Kick the silence and decide on an upbeat summer music station to play lightly while you work. Be mindful of colleagues that may not be on board with the music choices, or the music in general, and pull out some headphones for a solo dance party if needed.

    Fresh Flowers or Plants

    Bringing something living into your space can be intimidating, but it can also do wonders for your mind space. Fresh cut flowers, potted plants and indoor trees make your office, and you, feel more alive.

    Work Outside

    When all else fails, head outside. A Wi-Fi enabled deck or outdoor area to work from your laptop is ideal, but if there is no option like this at your work place short walks outside will do the trick. Take a few breaks throughout the day to unplug and enjoy the warm weather. Walk around the building, walk to lunch or just sit outside on a bench. Physically getting yourself outside can clear head space and reset your creativity and production.

    Switch Up Your Schedule

    Tower Paddle Boards decided to offer their employees 5 hour workdays during the summer so they could enjoy more outdoor activities and create a better work life balance. Workers were happier, MORE productive and more invested in the company. A less extreme version of this is simply getting into work earlier so you can leave earlier and enjoy more hours of light after your workday. If this isn’t an option wake up early and do something you love, be it a walk around your favorite beach or park, or just enjoying some me time on your balcony with some coffee.

    Summer doesn’t have to be lost while you work, combine the two and enjoy