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  • New Years Resolutions for Your Business
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    New Years Resolutions for Your Business

    With the new year approaching, personal resolutions are made to eat better, spend more time with family or an array of intended promises to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. However, it is less common to make a resolution to lead a better business. This year, reflect on your business’ progress and make 2017 the best year for your company by committing to a few work-related resolutions that will help increase success and productivity.

    Social Media

    In the past few years, social media has become a leading marketing tool for businesses. It is easy to use, inexpensive and creative, allowing business owners to reach audiences they never could before. Research how to make social media work for your business and put that research to use – there are even companies who offer low cost workshops on social media for business. Also, take a step back and see which platforms are working and which are not. Don’t force your brand into a social media platform that doesn’t reap any benefits. If you get the most engagement from followers on Instagram and Facebook, focus on posting more often in these spaces rather than forcing a platform that just doesn’t work for your business. Focus on quality over quantity.


    One of the most cost-effective and often overlooked ways to meet potential customers is networking. Make an effort to get out into your community and take advantage of networking opportunities, be it with your city’s Chamber of Commerce, professional groups, or a networking event your company hosts. Increase your visibility, make new friends and customers, and truly personalize yourself and your business through this resolution.

    Cut the Fat

    This can apply to a myriad of things – getting rid of a product that just doesn’t sell or the old fax machine that causes more trouble than its worth. Check in with your company’s revenue and expenses and make sure you have more of the former than the latter. Try to cut back on any expenses that haven’t shown to be beneficial in 2016. Explore new revenue opportunities and get creative! Customers love a fresh, fun idea. Review every cost from the past year and find ways to save in 2017.

    Write Down a Business Plan

    You wouldn’t take a road trip without GPS, so why start the new year without a revitalized business plan? Map out where you want to take your business by the end of this year and make it a reality. Set goals for each month and write down the steps needed to reach them. Make sure they are realistic and achievable so you don’t get discouraged. Step by step, get to where you want to be this year.

    Have Fun!

    Make a resolution to have fun with your business this year. If you get creative and make projects more enjoyable, your work will be of better quality and you may inspire others to have fun while being productive as well. Create a healthy work-life balance by taking time to recharge – taking time out will ultimately increase your success at work. By overexerting yourself at work with no time for play you will burn yourself out, quick. If it is difficult for you to set this time aside for relaxation, block out your calendar to ensure you invest in yourself.

    Work smarter, not harder in 2017 by committing to these small, yet effective business resolutions and watch the benefits roll in. Best wishes for a successful 2017!