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  • There's More to San Francisco Than Just Tech
    Industry News | TechSpace San Francisco

    There's More to San Francisco Than Just Tech

    The San Francisco Bay Area, otherwise known as Silicon Valley, is home base for numerous tech giants and filled with Fortune 500 tech players such as Apple, HP, Facebook, Google and

    However, there’s more to business in the Bay Area than just tech. From healthcare and asset management to oil, life sciences and banking, the area is home to a wide variety of non-tech, fortune 500 companies. Because technology companies usually get all the recognition we decided to take a closer look at some of America’s largest non-tech Fortune 500’s who call the San Francisco Bay Area home.

    Gilead Sciences

    Gilead Sciences discovers, develops and commercializes biopharmaceutical therapeutics. The company’s initial focus was on antiviral drugs for the treatment of HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and the flu. Following two acquisitions in 2006, Gilead expanded its operations to cover the treatment of pulmonary diseases as well. Founded in June 1987 by Michael L. Riordan, a 29 year old medical doctor, Gilead Sciences now has operations in North America, Europe and Australia with around 7,900 employees.

    2015 Revenue: $32.6 billion

    Gap Inc.

    Gap is the largest clothing and accessories retailer in the U.S., and the third largest worldwide in terms of number of outlets. The company’s divisions include its namesake brand as well as Banana Republic, Old Navy, Intermix and Athleta. Starting out with a single store started by Doris and Don Fisher in San Francisco in 1969 – today, Gap’s clothes are available in 90 countries worldwide through 3,300 company-operated outlets and almost 400 franchise stores. Although public, the Fisher family is still actively involved and holds a majority of its stock.

    2015 Revenue: $15.8 billion

    Core-Mark Holding Company

    Core-Mark is a distributor of fresh, chilled and frozen products mainly to U.S. convenience stores. With 36,500 retail locations across the United States and Canada, and 30 distribution centers, the company is one of the largest marketers of retail fresh and broad-line supply solutions in North America. Core-Mark also provides related business services such as category management and promotions. Founded in 1888 in San Francisco, today the company has nearly 6,000 employees.

    2015 Revenue: $8.9 billion


    Healthcare company McKesson distributes pharmaceuticals at the retail sale level, as well as offering health information technology, medical supplies and care management tools. The company is a major distributor of pharmaceuticals to retail pharmacies, hospitals and health systems. McKesson also offers software and technology services, such as diagnostic imaging solutions, as well as analytics and consulting to help medical businesses perform better. With a long history, the company was originally founded in 1833 as an importer and wholesaler of botanical drugs.

    2015 Revenue: $181.3 billion


    Chevron is one of the biggest oil companies in the world. The corporation is involved in all aspects of the oil, natural gas and geothermal energy industry – from exploration, production and transportation to chemicals manufacturing and sales. With a broad range of international operations the company dominated the oil industry in the 20th century and continues to be a key player in everything from lubricants to alternative energy. Chevron is one of the successors of Standard Oil, founded by the legendary industrialiest John D. Rockefeller in 1870.

    2015 Revenue: $131.1 billion

    Wells Fargo

    Wells Fargo is one of the big four American banks. The bank is currently the second largest in the world by market capitalizations and third largest in the U.S. by assets. Wells Fargo offers banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer and commercial financial services in more than 8,600 locations worldwide. Founded in 1852, Wells Fargo has 70 million customers today including one in three U.S. households and operates over 90 businesses in 36 countries.

    2015 Revenue: $90 billion

    PG&E Corporation

    PG&E is the parent company of the investor-owned electric utility Pacific Gas and Electric Company. The company offers a range of services around the generation of energy, transmission of electricity and natural gas, generation of electricity and the distribution of energy. PG&E provides gas and electricity to almost all of the northern two-thirds of California, from Bakersfield to near the Oregon border. The company was founded by George H. Roe after California’s Gold Rush.

    2015 Revenue: $32.6 billion

    Ross Stores

    Ross is a chain of “off price” (i.e. heavily discounted) department stores. The company specializes in offering brands at bargain prices. With 1,254 locations in 33 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and Guam, it’s the largest discount retail chain in the U.S. The chain uses its huge buying power to offer goods at 20-60% off regular prices. The original Ross Department Store was opened in San Bruno, California in 1950 by Morris Ross. Alongside the likes of Walmart, the company’s success proves that discount retail is very big business in America.

    2015 Revenue: $11.9 billion

    Franklin Resources

    Franklin Resources, more commonly referred to as Franklin Templeton Investments, is a global investment firm. The company is one of the world’s biggest asset managers with over $740 billion in assets currently under management for more than 25 million private, professional and institutional investors. Franklin Resources has a wide global presence, with offices in 35 countries and clients in over 180. The company was founded originally in New York City in 1947 and was named after Benjamin Franklin.

    2015 Revenue: $7.9 billion


    Clorox manufactures and markets consumer and professional cleaning and household products. The company owns numerous well-known brands across a wide variety of products, including Clorox, Brita, Burt’s Bees, Formula 409, Glad, Hidden Valley, Kitchen Bouquet, KC Masterpiece, Soy Vay, Kingsford, Liquid-Plumr, Mistolin, Pine-Sol, Poett, Tilex, S.O.S., and Ever Clean cat litters. With around 7,700 employees today, Clorox was first founded in 1913 to produce the first commercial scale liquid bleach factory.

    2015 Revenue: $5.7 billion