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  • Los Angeles Office Space: Working vs. Conducting Business at Starbucks
    Industry News | TechSpace Westwood

    Los Angeles Office Space: Working vs. Conducting Business at Starbucks

    Nothing starts the day off right like a trip to Starbucks for your morning caffeine fix. You’ve gotten out of bed, possibly worked out, gotten yourself ready, and are now ready to be as productive as possible as you walk into your office—except, your office has been Starbucks or some coffee shop equivalent for the past three months.

    Using a coffee shop as your office is not good business. Sure you save a little on rent, but overall it is not conducive to a thriving business.

    Working vs. Conducting Business

    It is one thing to work from Starbucks occasionally. It is a whole other thing to do business out of a Starbucks. If you find yourself wanting to get out of your home office or need a place to work while in between meetings, by all means head to a Starbucks–great coffee and respectable free WI-Fi awaits you.

    On the other hand, if you are conducting your entire business out of Starbucks, like holding client meetings or jumping on conference calls there, you may have a larger problem. Clients will begin to realize you are hosting all of your meetings and conference calls there, and you are never guaranteed a quiet chatter as your background noise (more like crying/screaming kids, and loud laughing and chatting). All the noise and people can cause serious distraction from your actual meeting.


    We are not trying to judge anyone here, especially with all the success stories coming from companies who started out in their garage. However, once you’ve reached a certain level in your business, you need to take that next step towards legitimacy with an actual office space. The goal should be to get out of your garage or coffee shop and into your own space since an office space brings a level of respectability to your business.


    Finally, you should avoid Starbucks as your Los Angeles office because of the lack of infrastructure. As a growing business you need to start building up your infrastructure. This includes everything from company internet to if your company will use Mac’s or PC’s. At TechSpace, the data network is individually scalable and provides each member with encrypted and secure Wi-Fi connectivity and allows each user to experience exceptional internet performance. When you are a business, you cannot rely on Starbucks free Wi-Fi for all of your infrastructure needs. You need a more secure network and higher speed of internet to protect your assets and transfer large files.

    If you’re looking to get your company out of Starbucks or your home office and into a real office space, check out TechSpace’s Westwood space located in Los Angeles. Feel free to get in touch online to schedule a tour of your company’s new office space.