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How to Use Flexible Office Space to Benefit Your Company

How to Use Flexible Office Space to Benefit Your Company

The demand for flexible office space is growing exponentially and there seems to be no end in sight. Why are more companies opting out of traditional space and into flexibility at every stage of their lifecycle? The worker is evolving, and in turn is expecting an evolved workplace, thus creating a cycle that is breeding a new employee and office space. Here are a few reasons why flexible office space is becoming a household name and how you can use it to benefit your company.

Millenials are shaping the future of office space. This younger generation is saturating the work force and their requirements for happiness and productivity are different than what has historically been provided. In lieu of closed off offices and cubicles, millenials prefer open floor plans for collaboration and drop of the hat brainstorming sessions. In the “on demand” generation, this is key. With flexible office space, you can get away with providing less square feet per employee because of the amenities and shared community spaces that come with your space. This will save you money and encourage creativity and teamwork – a win win. Also, having a creative, inspiring office will attract and retain vital talent. What more incentive do you need?

Employees love shorter commutes. Stats show that employees who have shorter daily commutes to work are happier, more productive and stay with the company longer. What does this have to do with flexible office space? It can be a solution to the problem of a long commute via remote working. By allowing your employees to work from a flexible office provider that is closer to their home 2-3 days a week, you can improve your employees’ satisfaction and productivity. Because working from home or a coffee shop is heavy on distractions, this is an easy solution to distraction free remote working.

Technology is continuously growing. Tech companies were some of the first to experiment with creative, flexible work spaces and have essentially rejected the traditional style office space platform altogether. With technology companies growing at double the rate of other professions, they are an important industry to satisfy.

Older buildings are creating unique solutions to keep up with this office space trend and in turn are revamping their community. Buildings can lease out empty space by partnering with a flexible office company to build out one or two of their floors into a coworking space. This will bring in new, fresh companies and create a buzzing ecosystem that can breathe life into an old space.

Even if you are a company that has always and will always be a traditional space lover, there are ways to utilize flexible office space solutions that can benefit both the company and the employee. Think outside the box and cut down on costs and increase employee retention – your business will thank you!