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  • How to Enjoy March Madness at Work

    How to Enjoy March Madness at Work

    March Madness is claimed by many sports enthusiasts as their favorite time of year – with a lineup of 68 college basketball teams playing a single elimination tournament, how could you not be on the edge of your seat with excitement?

    However, finding a way to watch the madness at work can be difficult if your company doesn’t support the fun, and in turn, poses a problem for both employer and employee. Some will watch the games from their work computers or even call in sick to partake in the festivities. Some businesses may attempt to tighten the reigns during this time to ensure things continue on as any other day at the office, while smart companies will recognize this event as an opportunity to boost employee morale, work on company culture and offer a way to enjoy March Madness while also getting work done.The good news is, an increasing number of managers feel that March Madness activities in the workplace have a positive impact on productivity.So, here are some ideas that will keep employees happy and businesses running smoothly while having a positive impact.

    Keep it Casual

    Instead of having employees constantly checking their phones for scores or streaming the games from their computers and slowing down the network, make the games available in a casual setting.  Meet your colleagues in the middle and have the games on in lunchrooms, common work areas, or anywhere that will not disturb the epicenter of productivity. This way people can casually follow the games they are looking forward to, while completing the work they need to for that day. This will reduce the number of “sick days” taken during this time, keep your network free and give employees another reason to love their job and company culture.

    Create a Company Bracket

    Part of the March Madness fun includes filling out your bracket. When each employee can create a bracket, competition sets in and the office fun begins! At TechSpace, we create an employee and members only pool and have prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. There are various websites that offer a blank bracket to fill out, or you can choose to simply use a paper bracket. Whether you are a NCAA expert and know precisely which teams will make it to the Final Four or are winging the entire process, this makes the games more exciting and allows everyone to participate in March Madness at work!

    Host an Event!

    What better way to watch March Madness at work than completely mesh the two together!? Host a potluck or provide small snacks and drinks while the games are playing. Employees can eat lunch and bond with colleagues while catching some of their favorite games – and head right back to work afterwards. This will get people excited to come to work, form tighter relationships within the company aiding in collaboration, and still result in a productive work day! So gather everyone for the fun and eat some yummy food!

    Whether you are going all out with a potluck or keeping it casual, making March Madness available to employees can be a great idea. Bond with your employees and make work fun, be creative and most importantly, have a blast. Happy March Madness!