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  • 3 Great Cities to Launch Your Startup
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    3 Great Cities to Launch Your Startup

    The hardest part for any would-be startup is actually getting started. There are a lot of unknowns, which is the nature of a startup business. Founders often need to quit their cushy jobs, start learning about actual business management, figure out who their target audience is and find a place to work from.

    One thing we do at TechSpace, is make the “finding a place to launch” , much easier. We have multiple locations in California and New York where you can scale your operations as your startup fluctuates.

    But where is the best place to launch your startup? There really is no perfect answer. We’re seeing startups launch in major cities around the globe and even smaller U.S. cities. Regardless, there do seem to be clusters in certain cities because of their ideal startup atmosphere. Here are three cities we think would make a good home for a startup or any business.

    Orange County, California

    Orange County is one of the hottest locations for startups right now. Talented programming professionals and entrepreneurs are drawn to the perfect Southern California weather, the high-energy atmosphere, and the fantastic food scene.

    Orange County is starting to build on its already established tech scene with innovative startups. The nearby UC Irvine provides a vast talent pool that is highly saturated in the medical industry, making Orange County a prime location for any medical, pharmaceutical, and bio-related startups. Orange County undoubtedly has been a major reason the Southern California coast has earned the nickname “Tech Coast”.

    Austin, Texas

    Another popular up and coming startup location is Austin, Texas. This electrifying city is bustling with young, talented professionals and has all the makings of a prime startup location due to its lively scene and abundance of already established tech companies.

    The lifestyle, lower cost of living, and immense talent pool from the University of Texas, all make Austin an attractive place to launch a startup.

    San Francisco, California

    Finally, there is no denying that San Francisco, California remains the world’s best startup location. Your startup will literally be surrounded by like-minded companies and businesses, as well as a plethora of avid startup investors.

    The creative community in San Francisco is extremely supportive and collaborative. Working within the seven square mile radius of San Francisco will locate your startup near the major tech power players. With so many successful startups in such a small area, you never know who you may run into.

    If you’re looking for office space to launch your startup, check out TechSpace in Orange County (Aliso Viejo and Costa Mesa), Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Feel free to get in touch online to schedule a tour of your startup’s new office.