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  • Entrepreneurs: Tips to Relax More This Summer

    Entrepreneurs: Tips to Relax More This Summer

    3 Tips to Relax More This Summer

    Entrepreneurs typically don’t work 9-5. You are most likely working as many hours as you can and don’t take the time to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer months. With this in mind, we came up with three tips to help entrepreneurs relax a little more this summer.

    1. Spend Time Outside and Ditch the Phone

    There is no better way to relax than to get outside, unplug and just enjoy nature. Going outside not only improves your outlook and allows you to unwind, it can also ease depression and strengthen your immunity. Studies have shown, talking nature walks with friends or alone can significantly lower levels of depression and feelings of stress. Allow your mind to wander while you chat with others or enjoy the silence of solitary. Trading an indoor workout for one in the great outdoors can spice up your workout routine and leave you excited for the next! Go on a run somewhere you’ve always wanted to, or swim in the ocean for quick bursts of happiness and watch the stress melt away. Also, make sure you leave the phone at home! Studies show that constantly checking social media and surfing the internet raises levels of anxiety – the opposite of relaxation.

    2. Get on Island Time

    Take it slow, like you’re on island time. If you work during the summer (which most of us do) you may only be able to apply this to your weekends and free time before and after work. Don’t be discouraged – make the most of the time you do have! Even if this means waking up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to make time for yourself—stretch, sit outside on your porch, or just sip a cup of coffee in your favorite chair (instead of running out the door with it).

    Then, when you get home from the office, take a little “me” time. Make time to sit alone for a few minutes and unwind from your day. Consciously switch your mode from fast-paced worker to slow-paced islander. Deadlines do not need to be met and phone calls can wait until tomorrow. If this is not possible after work every day, try to make an effort and designate a couple days a week as island days. Still not realistic? Vow to take 20 minutes after work to write in a journal, listen to music without checking your phone or emails, or participate in an activity you really love but hardly get time to do. Little breaks from the constant rush will do wonders for the overall relaxation of your brain. Even the smallest efforts can make a world of difference for your mindset.

    3. Go Somewhere Inspiring

    Plan a vacation. Drive there, walk there or fly – go near or far but wherever you go make it new and inspiring. Get out of your comfort zone. Some are lucky enough to truly travel in the summertime. This is highly beneficial as it allows you to recharge your creativity and come back to your life and business with fresh eyes.

    Staycations at home binge watching television with your family is always relaxing, but a true rejuvenation involves getting out of your usual setting and refreshing your soul. Try something that is way outside your comfort zone or immerse yourself in another culture. This does not have to be limited to physically going somewhere either; an activity that allows you to travel in your own head-space can be enough! Learn a new language and travel to a new destination through words. Get lost while painting on big canvasses with your kids.

    These are only a few ways to unwind this summer season. Find the summer vacation that fits your life and enjoy the next few months of sunny weather and relaxation!