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  • Curtis+ Perry: The Plus is Us
    Industry News

    Curtis+ Perry: The Plus is Us

    David Curtis and Cynthia Perry of Curtis + Perry believe a product is something you buy, but a brand is something you join. “The Plus is Us” includes four very creative, strategic, successful, multi-talented, highly motivated individuals who have worked together for 82 years (cumulatively) and enjoy only one thing more than each other – building brands.

    As their web site states, “We believe a brand is a bond – meaning both “bond” as connection and “bond” as promise. A brand is the connection you create with your customers when you make an important promise…and keep it.”

    TechSpace has helped Curtis + Perry create that bond they need so they can focus on the business of building brands and bonds with their clients and not have to worry about anything else.

    Watch and find out more about the “plus” in Curtis + Perry and exactly how TechSpace fits into their business objectives.