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15 Orange County Startups Worth Watching

While Orange County is still much less well known as a startup hub than its neighbors to the north such as Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, the area is beginning to see considerable activity and an inflow of capital. Here are 15 Orange County founded or based startups worth keeping your eye on.

NYC members profiled

NYC TechSpace Members Profiled

A common question asked is, “what kind of businesses are in your spaces? Are they all tech companies?” While we do house a lot of tech companies, we host a variety of industries within our spaces. Here’s a look at a few companies who are members in our NYC locations.

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15 Recently Funded NYC Startups

Over the last few years, funded NYC startups have grown by leaps & bounds. Hand-in-hand with this growth has been an influx of capital, with New York startups reportedly receiving 46% more funding in 2015, year-on-year. From seed rounds to Series E monsters, here’s our rundown of 15 recently funded NYC startups you should keep an eye on.