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mJoose-The Case for Better Coverage

MoJoose, Inc. a California-based accessory designer and manufacturer, ensures smartphone users stay connected by solving the world-wide weak cell signal challenge. Their patented breakthrough signal-amplifying technology helps deliver a reliable cellular connection with every call. The smallest, most affordable signal-amplifying device of its kind, mJoose picks up where a regular cell signal ends.

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TechSpace October 2015 Newsletter

WHAT’S NEW FROM TECHSPACE – OCTOBER NEWSLETTER October is best known for a fun, trick or treat filled holiday we all know as Halloween. Yet, contrary to popular belief, All Hallows’ Eve is not a holiday solely consumed with candy, costumes and jack-o-lanterns. It stems from Samhain – a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season…

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wooter startup field day

Wooter Start-Up Field Day

By Alex Kagan, Co-founder of Wooter Start-Up Field Day by Wooter At Wooter, our mission is to unite people and startups through sports. Wooter is a sports marketplace, helping people find leagues, courts and other activities in their area. Users can filter through many different options and find a league that’s right for them. People…

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Every Startup Has A Story: What’s Yours?

The power of a story – this is an often overlooked yet irreplaceable marketing tool for startups or any business. Although we live in a world of immediate gratification, some customers still take the time to learn about a company’s entire offering, so give them something more to love by telling what makes your company unique.

Medoff Inc

Meet Mara Medoff, Founder of Medoff Inc.

Mara Medoff of Medoff Inc. met her first client in a TechSpace bathroom – and has since been with us for over 12 years! Medoff Inc is a small group of dedicated producers in the experiential marketing industry. Mara Medoff explains how TechSpace has helped her gain clients and focus on growing her business.

O + CO

Meet Brent Oppenheimer, Founder of O+CO

O+CO works with leaders from diverse organizations, from businesses and philanthropies to community groups and startups on brand strategy.
New York is the city they call home with an office at TechSpace Flatiron. Brent talks about why they chose TechSpace and why being at TechSpace for over 10 years has worked for their business.