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  • 4 Productivity Apps to Help You Grow Your Business
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    4 Productivity Apps to Help You Grow Your Business

    4 Mobile Apps That Will Increase Productivity and Help You Grow Your Business

    Every entrepreneur has heard about the importance of productivity to the success of his business, but many haven’t explored the extent to which productivity impacts their own companies.  That impact is substantial, according to Areff Salauroo, Group HR Manager for La Sentinelle Group, even more important that profits:

    “Business productivity is the capability of a business organization to utilize its available resources to produce profitable goods and/or services as desired by its customers. Productivity is the only way forward. Increased productivity leads to increased capacity and capability. This in turn leads to a firm’s capacity to innovate, to reduce cost of production, to better satisfy customers and to better satisfy all its stakeholders; including its employees. Productivity is much more important than revenues and profits.”

    So, How Can You Make Your Business More Productive?

    Understanding the critical importance of improved productivity is one thing—making your business more productive is another.  The issue is sufficiently important that scores of business analysts have offered their spin on the best ways to boost productivity.  Those strategies, from giving workers regular breaks to limiting non-critical meetings, minimizing interruptions and setting self-imposed deadlines are useful—but they’re not the only way to do more with less.

    Enter Mobile Productivity Apps

    Mobile apps have changed the way workers work and managers manage.  Not surprisingly, given the importance of productivity to the success of business, many of those apps make it easier for businesspeople to more effectively manage their time and complete routine tasks.  No list of mobile productivity apps would be exhaustive, but some are better than others including the following 4:

    1.  Evernote:  A Better Way to Manage Expenses

    Evernote is a mobile app that takes screenshots of important financial (and other) documents, and then organizes those screenshots into digital notebooks for easy access.  The app makes it easier to monitor expenses, manage your calendar, and even plan an upcoming trip.  You can use Evernote to manage both business and personal expenses, track receipts and organize all your business documents.  Simply tag your notes to make it easy to search for them later.

    2.  Letterspace:  No One Likes Taking Notes

    To succeed in school, you needed to take good notes.  That doesn’t end when you enter the business world.  The notes you take in meetings and on important phone calls could be invaluable to your company’s productivity. The problem for many has been how to take notes that are sufficiently organized to better manage their businesses.

    Enter Letterspace, a note-taking app.  Letterspace uses hashtags which make it easy to organize your notes.  It provides a user-friendly interface which enables simple editing (like moving around paragraphs and correcting typos).  Using Letterspace, you can more easily take the kinds of notes that will help you recall the nuances of every interaction and make more informed decisions to benefit your business.

    3.  LISTEN:  So, Why Can’t You Take My Call?

    You can’t be productive (nor can your people) if you’re constantly interrupted, like by taking a constant stream of incoming calls.  The problem with not taking those calls, of course, is that some of them could be important.  So, how do you stay on track but still give callers more than the typical “Sorry, but I’m not at my desk right now?”

    That’s where LISTEN can help.  Developed by RealNetworks, LISTEN is an innovative productivity app that provides customized phone and SMS response capabilities.  You can program the app to let callers know you’re in an important meeting (you can synchronize the app with your calendar), tell them where you are (using its location detection feature), and even tell them you’re currently behind the wheel (using drive mode).

    4.  Workflow:  Getting a Handle on That Time Management Thing

    Everyone talks about the importance of time management, but most people struggle to master it.  The Workflow mobile app improves and simplifies time management by customizing your phone so you can automate routine tasks that are wasting your time.  Workflow lets you create buttons which handle many of those tasks for you, from calling a cab for an off-site meeting to sending a Happy Birthday greeting to your mom.  Just click on the button, and you’ve completed your task.


    These innovative new mobile apps are one way to better manage your time, complete routine tasks and make your business more productive.  Another is to create coworking spaces that help your business operate more efficiently.  To learn more about the ways our coworking spaces will provide your business a powerful operating platform and help it grow, contact us today.