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  • 10 Apps Every Entrepreneur Probably Used in 2017
    Tech In The Office

    10 Apps Every Entrepreneur Probably Used in 2017

    Being an entrepreneur has never been easy. Crafting a competitive business model, designing a product, hiring an efficient team, and managing social media outreach are just some of the many hats an entrepreneur has to juggle on a daily basis. Technological advancements have eased the burden on businesses by allowing them to explore creative ideas while efficiently organizing their company operations and finances.

    Mobile apps allow entrepreneurs to run their business on their own terms. They offer a slew of features including accounting, employee payroll, energy costs, and contract coordination. Statistics show that 69% of company departments use between 2 to 5 enterprise mobile apps. The following 10 apps are what every entrepreneur probably used or needed this year to remain more productive and less overwhelmed:

    1. CodeGreen Energy

    With global energy prices rapidly increasing over recent years, energy expenses take a huge bite out of company wallets. In this regard, finding energy compliant buildings when relocating your firm is key to saving on heating and cooling costs. CodeGreen Energy compares the energy efficiency of thousands of buildings with the ENERGY STAR® score, thus helping entrepreneurs choose their location wisely.

    2. Boxmeup

    This free Android app provides proper QR shipping labels, as well as organizes and tracks your packages and containers. You can check on the status of your items in transit by scanning the QR label with your phone.

    3. Square

    This credit-card processing app accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, for one low rate. After sign up is complete, the company sends you a free magstripe reader. In view of recent regulations, their latest reader also accepts EMV chip cards. You also have the option of using the Square Register app to convert your mobile device into a POS for counter-top sales.

    4. greenMeter

    If your business uses operating vehicles, then greenMeter is the app for you. It measures energy usage during travel, by analyzing the driver’s rate of acceleration, crude oil levels, fuel consumption and cost, mileage, and carbon emissions. After examining current weather conditions, average fuel cost in the locality, and vehicle information, the app provides feedback on how energy-efficient the driving is.

    5. Dropbox

    Used by more than 500 million businesses, Dropbox is the perfect app for team projects. The app effortlessly and securely syncs and shares documents and images, as well as saves on storage by downloading files only when needed. It brings all your files together in one central space, so you can access them anytime.

    6. Proven

    The app is a great asset if your business has spontaneous hiring needs, akin to the retail and restaurant industries. Proven allows you to post all your search listings on multiple job boards. It also helps sort incoming job applications into yes, no and maybe categories, as well as notes when to follow up with an applicant.

    7. Genius Scan

    Genius Scan allows you to scan and export documents on the go, by converting your phone into a portable scanner. Images can be cropped, adjusted, scanned, archived and shared with this one app. Being compatible with Box and Dropbox, files can be sent with multiple pages via email or PDF.

    8. Dashboard for Google Analytics

    Essentially a collection of widgets, Dashboard for Google Analytics tracks your company site’s performance and provides real-time metrics. Your account is allowed up to 20 dashboards with 12 widgets, with stunning visuals to extract only the most relevant data. In addition, you can also add information from other sources such as Google Webmaster Tools, Alexa, and social networking sites.

    9. Wave

    One of the best organizational apps on the market, Wave includes professional invoice templates, budget estimates, transaction receipts, income and expense tracking, and bank connections. It also features an array of online software products geared toward small businesses, such as direct bank-data imports, account charts and journal transactions.

    10. Toggl

    Gone are the days of timesheets. With Toggl, time logging became so much simpler. The Toggl timer keeps a tab on every second of your time, which makes it ideal for recording billable hours. The app allows you to manage clients, coordinate assignments, export charts and timesheets, as well as sync your data with diverse project management apps. With Toggle, you can also delegate employees to different teams, and assign them different projects.

    So do you agree with this list? Did any of these apps help you with  your business in 2017? With 2018 now underway, we can’t wait to see what new and improved apps to come.